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Hope's Statement on Church Relationships
Hope Community Church is a local, independent family of believers in Jesus Christ which is voluntarily affiliated with the Baptist General Conference on a worldwide level and the Great Lakes Baptist Conference on a district level.

Who is the Baptist General Conference?
It is a 125-year-old association of over 1,800 churches around the world from many cultural backgrounds.  This association provides practical support for our pastors in providing valuable resources and networking with other churches.  It also provides pastors and lay ministers with training and educational support through its seminaries and conferences.

Who is the Great Lake Baptist Conference?
The GLBC is the district office for the BGC in the area of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  It is the arm of the BGC to lend support on a more personal and local level.  It's purposes are the same as the national office in aiding pastors with resources and networking with other churches. It provides retreats, and other means of support for its pastors.

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